Challenge your mum. Challenge your husband. Challenge your mates. Challenge your colleagues. And swim to save lives, as a team.

Keen to sign up a team and set a #squadgoal? Awesome (the more the merrier)!

Whether you're planning to get together and swim as a group (relay, anyone?), or go it alone, participating in Laps for Life is even better when you've got your own support squad.


How do I create a team?

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To create a new team, you'll first need to sign up as an individual participant. During the sign-up process, you'll be prompted to create or join a team.

If you've already signed up, and now would like to create a new team, you can do this at any time by logging in to your dashboard.

How do I get friends, family or colleagues to join my team?

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Once you've signed up and created your team, you'll have access to a designated team dashboard. In there, you'll find buttons that will allow you to share your team invite directly via email, or post an invitation to Facebook or Twitter.


How do I join a team?

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To be part of a team, you first need to register as an individual participant. During this process, you'll receive a prompt to create or join a team. If you're joining an existing team, you'll be able to select the team name from a drop-down list.

However, if the team is locked, you'll need to receive an invite to join from the team captain.


How do I promote my team?

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There are a few different ways you can promote your team:

  • Download a print-at-home poster from the resources page and post-up at your office, school, local pool or community space
  • Log in to your team dashboard and send emails to your friends, family and colleagues to request donations
  • Share your team's page to social media (you can do this from within your dashboard, or on your team page)

How do I communicate with my team?

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It's really easy to support your teammates as they swim to save lives, by sending messages of encouragement through your team dashboard. 

At any time, you can log in and see all of your team members, and you can send them individual/group messages from once you're logged in to the site.

What strategies can I use to get my team swimming (and fundraising)?

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Some really easy ways to get your engaged are:

  • Encouraging them to donate to themselves (and each other)
  • Getting them to share their profiles to social media to ask for support
  • Organising meet-ups at your local pool so that you can swim your laps together
  • Celebrate their success when they get a new donation, or achieve their lap goal


I still don't have the answer I need.

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If you still don’t have the answers you need and would like to be in touch, email us at mimi@lapsforlife.com.au.