The Longman Legends

We're challenging ourselves to swim to save lives

Last year, 340 young people ended their own life. Together, we can change that. 

Every dollar you donate to our fundraising page will help ReachOut provide all young people in Australia with the support they need to be happy and well.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Cathy Longman

Swim, swim swim. Love you lots.


Alecia Hancock

This will be a big challenge for you but I have no doubt, that like everything else in life, you will smash it. Proud of you.



I’ll join you in the pool if you need me too! You go girl xx


Lisa Ebersberger

Go get em Kate xx


Sarah Burke

Great job and good luck! x



My brother died by suicide at 20 years old. He had so much more growing to do but left us never really explaining his reasons. He was my only sibling and I feel cheated that I never got to share my children with him or vice versa. One decision by him left us all broken for a long time. So Thank you Kate for helping make a difference. Good luck with your swim xxxx


Jacqui Robertson

Amazing Kate! What a great cause and a great achievement for you to accomplish! 💕


Sonya Van Vuuren

Cheering for you. 💕


Kenzler Family


June Barr

Go Kate, what a wonderful cause! We were great friends with Kevin and he was a beautiful man, forever young!!


Carolyn Andrews

Good luck with it all; enjoy the journey!


The Padilla Family

Good luck Kate!!



Well done Kate, You are a superstar 🌟🌟


Donna Ling

I promise to be your biggest supporter. I will cheer you on, knock on your door for early swims and scream at you to SWIM FASTER! You've got this! ❤️


Rachel Markostamos

A wonderful cause. Good luck! Xx


Megan Stone

Well done Kate, incredibly sad fact but with more awareness and support I’m sure a difference will be made!


Jessie Kapitola


Michael Longman


Armour Family

Well done Kate, and good luck with the swim!


Holly Wyss

Good job Kate