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10.50 km

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15 km

This March, I’m challenging myself to swim to save lives.

Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in Australia? That means that each year, more young people die by suicide than in car accidents or from cancer.

By sponsoring my participation in Laps for Life, you'll be helping ReachOutΒ achieve its mission of ensuring that all young people have the support they need to be happy and well.

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Woo hoo!

I reached my goal but in a strange twist of fate turns out I still have a swimming option so I've upped my target to 15KM and I hope to achieve that by the end of this week! Thanks everyone for your support.

Pool closure!

Eek they're shutting the pools! I had to rush out and swim 2km tonight so that I can fnish my laps by the end of the week! Slightly soggy and exhausted....

Half-way there!

I've crossed the halfway mark and am proud to say I've managed 5.2KM so far. I've had to up my fundraising goal twice now so I am very grateful to all that have contributed thus far. But it's not too late if anyone wants to jump on board. Fundraising will be open until at least the end of March.

Thank you for your support in helping young people living with mental health issues.



Thank you to my Sponsors


Captain Frilly

You upgrade your financial goals, you need to update your laps also. πŸ™‚


Marjorie Gough


Peter Waters

Wishing you strong arms and easy breathing as you chase down that black line. A cause we really need to get behind. Go Sandy!


Marjorie Gough



Great job Sandy


Marion Phillips


Sarah Jackson




Keep on swimming Sandy


Lianne Manley

Swim strong Sandy....a great initiative


Heather Mcnaughton

Go Sandy, swim like the sharks are after you!


Fiona Towler

Great job!


Lisa Guest

go sandy ! great cause !


Paul Erdely

Good luck Sandy! Sounds like a great cause!


Kathy Chapman

Go you! Excellent cause to support.



All the best for the swim and the cause Sandy!


Norman Goddard


Kathy Toirkens

Good on you Sandy. Hugs & strength to all affected by mental illness.


Julie Fleming

Thanks for this opportunity to contribute, a great cause that impacts everyone in some way.


Kerrie Matthee

Great cause Sandy, wish you all the best for the laps. Xo


Donna Cameron

Good luck! I hope you’re a better swimmer than me. 😊


Leake Family

Well done Sandy, have only just seen this. πŸ˜€πŸ™Œ


Christine Watt

Well done! Such an important cause that needs our support πŸ‘


Julia Howells

Good on you sandy.


Natalie Batchelor

Well done.


Megan Kenny

Great effort Sandy


Brianna Watt

Amazing! xx


Paula Thomson



Sandy Goddard


Gillian Newland

Good on ya girl! Great effort xx


Brendan Zala


Linda Gill

You're a legend Sando!! Very proud Xx


Ben W


Sally C

Great initiative, well done.


Jenny Howes


Katrina Day


Lou Scanlan


Fiona Dal


Jodie Hones


Jenny Cooper

Go Sandy! Such an important cause. xxx


Elizabeth Mcphee

Go Sandy!


Lyn Burton

Well done Floss


Merlyn Cantwell


Kate Barsby


Kurstin Browne

Go you good thing!


Vicki Brous


Tiffany Looker

You go girl πŸ’ͺ


Danielle Moran


Kate Hocking

Good on you Sandy


Penny S

Go Godzilla! x


E&c Mcpherson

Go you good thing, go


Linda Griffin

Well done Sandy


Neil Fletcher