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10 km

You'll see by my picture that I was a swimmer many years ago and I really loved it. I'm getting back into it and challenging myself to swim to save lives.

Every day, one young Aussie takes their own life – that's one too many.

Every dollar you donate to my fundraising page will help ReachOut provide all young Aussies with the support they need to be happy and well.

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Swimming in the rain

Arrived at the pool after work only to be told that the lap pool was closed because of the lightning 😱 Luckily they let me in to wait and the pool opened 10 minutes later. Very few people swimming and I had a lane to myself for most of my 20 laps.

Best effort yet

16 laps πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Sydney. Must have been my gorgeous family cheer squad.

10 laps done...

...110 to go!Β  Feeling very virtuous. I said no to beers after work and instead did my first laps. Fox and Michael came along for moral support. After I found my ideal pace, very slow, it wasn't as hard as I expected. And brought back memories of how meditative swimming can be. Especially when you are the only swimmer in the slow lane. Planning to get to the pool twice more over the weekend. Lets see how my shoulders feel in the morning.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Christie And Sons

Go Maxine


Reece Arney

Fantastic effort Maxine! Terrific cause too!


David Ellis

Good luck Maxine!!!


Gillian Johnston

You go Maxine!!


Paul Chappell

Well done Maxine and enjoy the laps




Moya Kennedy

Well done Maxine!


Kerry Kennedy

"Just keep swimming" - you can do it!


Jan Walklate

Well doe Maxine All that time at Charlton Pool paid offπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸŠ‍β™€οΈπŸŠ‍♀️


Gillian Vogl

Good luck Max!


Helen Langford

Well done Maxine! You're an inspiration!


Jeff Cooney

Go Max !!


Stephen Gollan





Top effortπŸ˜„


Helen Wright

Go Maxine!


Jenny Lloyd

Fantastic effort Maxine to a fantastic cause.


Justin Farrell

I'm so impressed with your progress, Maxine. Keep it up!


Robyn Parish

Well done Maxine. Great effort, great cause.


Sue Robinson

Great effort Maxine, keep going!


Maxine Bartlett


Judith Parke


Jenny Bull


Liska Turner

You go Maxine. 6 kms is an impressive distance.


Yvonne Lee


Alice Weber