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............just keep swimming

Mission accomplished ……………..well half anyway!
I’m very happy to say to date I have swum 32.5km’s exceeding my initial goal of 31km’s for the month of March! With the spectacular Autumn weather providing great incentive for some ocean swims, a few pool sessions in the mix combined with some great company along the way made the challenge a very enjoyable one. So, what to do now with still 16 days left in March?? Hmmm……………well, just like Dory🐟🐟🐟, I’ll just keep swimming! 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️ and try to reach my fundraising goal by the end of the month too!
It has been an incredibly rewarding experience promoting such a positive organisation, while also creating conversation, acceptance and awareness of mental health issues. If you’re unable to participate or donate to this challenge, you can still make a difference by sending a quick message to someone, whether it be a good friend or even a person you don’t know that well. A simple “How are you today?” or “Are you okay?” could make all the difference.💕
Laps for Life Australia

Take your marks......

1st of March tomorrow so I guess its time to dive right in! surprised

With a hot day forecast I cant think of anything better to do tomorrow than have a refreshing ocean swim while raising awareness for such an important cause.  Thank you to all my family and friends that have donated to my challenge so far.

For those that would like to support me in this challenge, donatations can continue to be made throughout the month of March.   

#LapsForLife #ReachOUT

First step, done......

I signed up today to support laps for life.  Swimming is something I have grown up doing and so felt this was a challenge I should most definitely be part of. 

I don’t know too many people that haven’t been affected by mental health in some way, whether it be personally, a family member or a friend.  Unfortunately, the pressures of life are just too much to bare for some.   I find the rise of suicide in our youth so devastating and like many, feel so helpless.  Hopefully the funds I raise can make a difference.

” Little things make big things happen”

Thank you to my Sponsors


Cameron Mcmahen

Wish you all the best lis absolutely inspirational what your doing mate best off luck xox


Anne Mathison

Well done great work Lisa. Fab cause


George Manoussakis

Good on you Lisa.


Graham & Donna Tedoldi


Andrew & Michelle Conlan

Congratulations to you and all of the participants Lisa. What a brilliant effort.


Vallance Family

Lisa we admire so much your effort to help make a real difference to such a worthy cause .


Maria Fenby

What a fantastic fundraising effort Lis. Many will reap the benefits of your hard work! Well done love.


Grow Naturally

good job Lisa xx


Lisa Peart



Amazing effort! Such an inspiring effort by all the QFNC. Lots of love xx


Leanne Saunders

You go girl! Well done. So proud of what you are doing. 😘


Shery Graham Harbottle

Well done Lisa. You are inspirin. You are also a caring and beautiful soul. The world is a better place having you in it. Congratulations 👏👏👏👏👏👏


Petrina & Andrew Tierney


Lyndal And Rowan Martin

Well done Lisa. Truely amazing effort


Donna Martin


Letitia Grinter

You go Lise!💕


Gerard Bench


Christine Herrick


Maria Withers

Inspirational Lisa. Congratulations.


Rush Family Rush


Tori Mulligan

Go Lis!! You are a superstar!


Susannah Blair

Go Lis. You’re incredible!!!!


Charlotte Bland

Great Work Lisa!! Proud of everything you’re doing for such a great cause.


Pete Lee Smith


Glenda Bevans

Well done inspiration!! x


Barbara & Ben Blair


Carlie & Chris Philp

Awesome effort Lisa! And such an important cause xxx


Jane Searle

Go Girl, Jane & Vic x


Farm Foods

Donations received via coin donation jar at Farm Foods Queenscliff


Queenscliff Brewhouse Trivia Night

Donations received from Trivia night at Queenscliff Brewhouse


Francis Family


Cathy Sullivan

Go Lisa!!!!!


Louise And Leslie

What a sensational achievement Lisa!



Good luck Lis. Rocky xx


Shelley Clark

Well Done Lisa! A true champion.......


Jo-anne Nash

Don’t forget to breathe.


Carol Durran

Well Done Lisa what an amazing effort! Keep up the good work!


Mia Cooke


Judy Binder

Go get um girl!


The Baker’s

Great effort Lisa. Looking forward to swimming some laps with you xx


Rebecca Sheather

You are such a Superstar Lis,Well done Gorgeous Girl 😘


Julie Hall

Well done on going beyond your goal


Daniel Herrick


Jenny Garby

You are aggregate person Lis


Donna Chiller


Georgia Courtney


Stuart Imer


Meagan Canaway

Well done Lisa! Great effort. Swim well! x


Elli Ross


Sharon Hinrichsen




Cassie Muscat

Go Lis! Love your work xx