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243.24 km

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250 km

This March, I’m challenging myself to swim to save lives.

Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in Australia? That means that each year, more young people die by suicide than in car accidents or from cancer.

By sponsoring my participation in Laps for Life, you'll be helping ReachOutΒ achieve its mission of ensuring that all young people have the support they need to be happy and well.

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Dear Gemma, My name is Eri and I'm the founder of The team at Reach Out showed me a video of you today and I simply had to let you know I think you're an absolute star and I wish you every success with your swimming and fundraising. Go, girl!! What a champion! All the best, Eri


Scott Luke

Great cause.


Libby Hall

Your an absolute angel. When someone has been in that very dark place its hard for people to understand what leads them to take their own life but gemma what you are doing will hopefully raise awareness and help those who have been there. Im so proud of you and what you are doing. Best of luck reaching your goal.


Windsor Rsl Club



First bit of choccie profit donated. Thankyou everyone!!


Belinda Crane

Hey Gemma It has been a pleasure to watch you in the fast lane on Thursdays. Keep going you are making a difference. Belinda


Rose & Lulu

woof woof, woof woof, grrr, woof


Suzie Castelli

So proud of you Gem


Elaine Mcdonnell

Good work Gemma! You’re doing an awesome job!


Jamie Millar

Go get em Gem πŸ’ͺ


Joyce Said

Keep up the good work Gemma


A Crouch


Ryan & Riley

Great work Gemma your are an inspiration to both my boys


Dannii Portelli

Awesome effort Gemma!


Jackie Hallan

Hi Gemma, I saw your video and was so inspired by your efforts both int the pool and with your fundraising! Congratulations and a big thank you


Etchign Mad

Well done Gemma. All the best we know you can do it.xo


Geraldine Paraha

Great work Gem! From the Paraha’s


Goodlife Pharmacy




Darren Wegg

Awesome job Gemma using your talents to support those in need


Darryl Shearer

Go Gemma!!!


Matt Leroy

Go get em girl, we’ll done, great thing your doing.


Ray And Liz King

Great effort Gemma


Ticha Celio

Keep going gorgeous, what a great cause and little champion you are xx


Renee Gadd

What an inspiration!!!...and to just keep going with all this adversity is the strength we all need right now. Thank you from all of us!!! 😍


Constable Bros Concrete Pty Ltd


Kirsten Radunz

Go Gemma & Tracy!!


Rod Mackey

Awesome effort for a great cause keep it up


The Woodies (preston, Penelope & Porsha)

Such an amazing cause Gem, we’re cheering for you babe. You’ve got this!


Phil Beal

Great work Gemma


Khouri Family (matt, Lou Tom & Harry

Great work Gemma


Leisa Henderson

Congrats Gemma. You are awesome and inspirational and I know you will reach your target. Xx


Gemma King


Jess Brown

Amazing. Already killing it! Goodluck with smashing that $5k goal!


Allison Stewart

Congratulations Gemma on raising money for such a great cause.


Annie Wylie

Hey Gemma! Annie from RO here. Your video was shared around the office and WOW, you're such an inspo. From a fellow swimmer, goodluck and take care of those shoulders!


Tanya Kennedy

Good luck with reaching your goal Gem


Julie Tuck

So proud of all you are achieving Gemma!


Jenni Seis

Super proud of you Gem...x


Bentley Marley & Hartley Crouch

Good Luck


Deb Mckenzie

Keep doing what your doing Gemma πŸ‘


Colleen Luxford

You go you little champion. Good luck Tracy, you can do it.




Linda Dewbery

Was in awe last year, blown away this year! You are amazing!


Karen Wallace


Nicole Hainsworth

Well done Gemma - good luck.


Jessica Immer




Well done Gem, your an inspiration 😘


Katie-lee King

Love you Gemma !! Keep working hard and smashing them goals πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


Kerrie Langley

You are amazing Gemma!!!!!


Anna Macpherson

Great work Gemma !!


Rachael Farthing


Michelle Wells

Good work Gemma