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Swim for Macca

I am taking up this challenge to swim for my son Mackenzie James Eaton. Mackenzie took his own life at the age of 27 on the 12th of April 2023.  

Over 3000 Australians, mostly young men take their lives each year and hardly anyone ever talks about it. I hope to change this. We are sad but not embarrassed by Mac taking his life. We talk and think about him daily and he will live on in our family, by name as long as we can. 

Mackenzie had been studying for many years and had just completed with Masters of Teaching degree. Unfortunately Mac lost his confidence just as he had secured a permanent role as a high school Arts teacher. 

Mackenzie suffered mental health for many years and we tried to manage this as best we could. We had the choice of trying to get him committed for a mental health assessment. We all knew that this would effect his Working with Children Blue Card so we never went down this path. He often said “you are not going to cage me up like an animal”. Looking back, I think we made a mistake and we should have got him the help he needed instead of managing it ourselves. 

We are lost, heartbroken and will never recover from this. In doing this swim and raising money for Mac, we hope to raise money for further research and tangible assistance to those who need help. 

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Young people with vital mental health support.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Joeline Garnsey

We will cheer you all on from afar for such a great cause and in honour of beautiful Mackenzie!! Xxxx



Proud of you guys.


Luke Smith


Shane Livingstone

Great cause & our hearts are with you


Brana Eaton



Kate Smith


Gregory Dwyer

Wishing you well for the swim.


Anna Winter

Big love and give your swim your EVERYTHING! ❤️



Great cause and a good looking team there Brad. Thanks for your commitment to doing good always. Xx


Xena Tunnie

Mac will be so proud of what you are doing to help others even whilst you are going through your own personal turmoil. Sending love xxx


Rachael Chan

First of many donations. Off to a great start. 40ks to go!


Gerry Altenburg

Mate I feel your pain. A very worthy cause. RIL Mackenzie