Ben Roache

This March, I’m challenging myself to swim to save lives in memory of my cousins lost to suicide.

Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in Australia? That means that each year, more young people die by suicide than in car accidents or from cancer.

By sponsoring my participation in Laps for Life, you'll be helping ReachOut achieve its mission of ensuring that all young people have the support they need to be happy and well.

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Let's do it!

I think we can raise some serious money for youth suicide prevention! I was originally aiming for A$400, but we are already pretty close to that original target. So, with over a month before Laps For Life 2021 even starts, I've set myself a challenge to raise $5000 by the end of March. Thank you to everyone who has already donated! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ralf Ilchef

Great initiative


Seher Cam

Very meaningful initiative Ben. Thank you!


In Memory Of Monty Wain

a donation in memory of Monty, on his 22nd birthday


Therese Janus

Thank you Ben! With you in spirit. Such a vital cause.


Rosemary Quinn /josh And Sam Milch

Happy Birthday Ben!! A privilege to Honour such fine young men Vivian and Monty Wain


Evans Family

Good on you for raising awareness and funds for suicide prevention, in memory of your cousins. Great initiative. Good luck.


Sophie Butcher

Well done Ben!


Taylor Jashinsky

Love you! Proud of you! -Tay


Wayne Willett

Just keep swimming (I had to stick with Marcies theme)


Angela Roache


Deepika Phadke


Libby Newman


Richard And Julia Harries

Good on you Ben, we advise liberal use of the double kick, you’ll finish faster


Peter Whish-wilson


Lucy Carrig


Marialuisa Jones


Marcela Willoughby

You got this! - Go Nemo!


Fabs Navarro

Well Done Ben!!


John Roache

Good work Ben.


Melissa Vickery

Yasss kweeen


Chris Markey


Nadeena Beck


Kim Nguyen

Well done Ben


Jack Roache

Excellent cause Ben!


Rosie Ingram

That’s a great thing to do in memory of your cousins


Kathryn Harper-quinn

Well done. A hugely important cause to help young people who struggle with mental health issues!


Jacqui Walkden


Hilary Bruer

What a wonderful thing to do- all the best!!


Jody Heald

All power to you Ben!!


Maria And David Malone



Onya Bennie!


Katie Betts


Veronika Vincze


Sam Richardson

Great cause Ben! Happy belated birthday present hope things are going well!


Nara Dennis

This is really great, thank you Ben


Sam Mugford


Donegan Family

Thanks Ben for taking action!


Anthony Rossiter


Julia Nicholls




Deborah Davis

Good on you, Ben!


Liam Oborne


Julian Duthoit

Keep up the good work mate!


Alexander Kingsford Mortensen


Sheehan Gardiner


Kate Marlais


Angela Ireson


Julia Brittain

With love & thanks for giving your time & energy to this cause. xxx