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9.40 km

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10 km

Why Am I Swimming?


Starting from the 01 March 2020, I will be swimming in Laps-for-life. This is a fundraiser for ReachOut, a service dedicated to supporting young people with mental health problems. This is an important cause as one in four young people are currently experiencing a mental health difficulty. 

Personally, my goal is to swim ten kilometres over the month of March. I'm not the best swimmer, so this is quite a great deal for me. 

Please donate to my page to help ReachOut achieve its mission of ensuring that all young people have the support they need to be happy and well.

While the topic is fresh in your mind, check in on your friends and family to ensure they are okay smile

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Lachlan Briggs

Go for it Astrid




Cooper Fitzgerald

Sam is better than you


Marika Naupoto


Isaiah Butterfield

Keep it going Astrid, really impressive stuff!


Julia Anne Briggs


Diana Jin

I am so proud that you are doing this! I hope you will get a lot out of this <3.


Jack Carroll

Haha dum