Image of Charlie

"I am swimming 20k this year to help ensure that young people dealing with mental ill health have the resources they need to seek assistance and feel better. I hope my swimming (however slow) can help open up that barrier of talking to each other about our mental health.'

Picture of the Bronte Blueys Team on the beach
The Bronte Blueys Team
'We want to raise money to provide all young Aussies with the love and support they need to lead happy, healthy lives. As an outdoor bootcamp we’ve always been a huge promoter of getting fit -physically and feeling fab - mentally. And, the best way to do this is by getting in and getting wet this March as you lap the pool to keep cool or dive in for an ocean swim whilst raising money to support young people experiencing mental health difficulties.'
Picture of Jack swimming
'This year I’m pledging to swim 50km in March for Laps for Life and I am encouraging others to jump in too. Swimming is so important for my mental health but so is access to the right support when I need it. So by raising money and awareness, together we can help ensure that every young person in Australia has access to mental health support when they need it too thanks to ReachOut.'

Picture of Halie swimming at her local pool in a Laps for Life Swim Cap
'I will be swimming 20km this March supporting physical and mental health in my community and work place.'
Image of Greg
'Once again I will be returning to the pool to raise awareness for youth mental health. This will be my second year swimming for Laps for Life to honor the memory of my two brothers.'
Image of Rosie
'I am swimming 10km this March to raise awareness for and reduce the stigma of mental health issues in the hope that my children and others can find support and acceptance should they need it.'