Laps for Life and COVID-19

Updated: 23 March 2020


Will pools stay open?

From midday March 23, many types of non-essential indoor venues where large numbers of the public congregate will have to close, including gyms, indoor fitness centres, indoor pools and sporting venues.

Some outdoor pools may remain open; we recommend contacting your local pool to find out what their status is.

Where can I find out more about COVID-19 and get help?

The Australian Government’s healthdirect website coronavirus (COVID-19) hub is the first point of reference for reliable information about COVID-19 for the public.

Additionally, the healthdirect Symptom Checker is an online tool that allows people to check their symptoms using a simple self-guided process and find out if you need medical help.

You can also call the Australian Government's National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080.


Will I still receive my rewards?

Yes, we’re still working to send out all of the rewards, but there may be some delays in getting them to you. If you’re concerned about not having received your rewards, send us an email at

I can’t swim at my local pool anymore, are there any penalties for not completing the challenge?

No, there are no penalties for not achieving your swimming goal. If you’re no longer able to swim, we suggest letting your sponsors know that the current situation with COVID-19 is affecting your swim, what you’ve achieved so far and thank them for their support.  If you’re able, you could also think about completing your goal another way, such as doing another form of exercise.

Can I do another form of exercise to achieve my distance goal?

If swimming is not possible, how about switching your lap challenge to walking laps of the park (or even around your block)? Regular exercise is key to looking after your wellbeing, and as social-distancing practices increase, it’s important to find ways to look after yourself that are consistent with recommended hygiene practices. We know that one of our Laps community has switched to a rowing machine in their house to reach their goal – we love the creativity we are seeing.

Use the time you set aside for laps to complete a daily self-care practice instead. Check out the tips from and give one (or a few) a go.

Keep swimming if you can. Remember to check in with your local pool or switch to swimming in the ocean if that’s an option. 


Self-care during coronavirus

ReachOut has released a series of new resources to support young people and their parents to look after their wellbeing:

Additional support

ReachOut's Youth and Parents peer-support communities are there to share stories and connect with others about how they are feeling, exchange wellbeing and self-care tips and support those struggling with their mental health during this crisis.

For parents who may have additional needs and concerns, we continue to offer free and confidential support over the phone and online via our one-on-one support program.


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